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The Best Way to Experience Philadelphia

The Best Way to Experience Philadelphia

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love,  is known for much more than incredible philly cheesesteaks, it’s the city of firsts!

The nation’s first computer, first hospital, and first post office were all founded here! 

There’s so much to learn about our country through Philadelphia’s history, read on for a detailed look on how to spend a weekend in Philadelphia!

Where to Stay:

Rest your weary head at the Kimpton Hotel in Monaco, a uniquely decorated hotel inspired by Philadelphia’s rich American history. 

Voted one of the best hotels in America by both Travel & Leisure and U.S News & World Report, the Kimpton offers 268 lavish guest rooms, as well as rooftop lounges, ballrooms, restaurants and more. 

Another timeless accommodation, the Bellevue Hotel, combines historical significance with modern sophistication. 

Unique architecture and artwork take guest down memory lane into vintage America, while still remaining luxurious. 

What to Eat:

Eat your most important meal of the day at Frieda, a European-styled cafe known for their incredible brunch menu. 

Grab a steaming cup of coffee paired with one of their open-faced toasts, and you’ll be full all morning!

Stop for lunch at City Tavern, and eat amongst 18th century decor where our forefathers once dined. 

This classic American restaurant is preserved like a museum, where Emmy award winning Chef Walter Staib serves history through culinary artwork. 

No trip to Philadelphia would be complete without trying at least one of the city’s iconic sandwiches- the cheesesteak. 

Pat’s King of Steak’s claims to be the inventor of the original philly cheesesteak, a sandwich consisting of thinly sliced steak and melted cheese on a sub roll. 

You’ll have to try several cheesesteaks from multiple locations to get a feel for your preference, but they’re delicious! 

Things to Do:

Visit one of America’s most historical buildings, Independence Hall

Once home of the Liberty Bell, and where the Declaration of Independence was signed, Independence Hall stands as the birthplace of the United States.

Entrance is free, but you do need to reserve a ticket in advance!

If you’re a fan of Rocky, then you might be interested in the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Besides being full of incredible masterpieces, the museum’s 72 stone steps leading up to the building are known for Rocky Balboa’s iconic running scene. 

Near the steps, you’ll find Rocky’s statue with his arms proudly raised above his head in victory. 

Take a walk through Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, a breathtaking outdoor art installation. 

This 3-block garden is completely embellished in mosaic tiling by artist Isaiah Zagar, who began the project in the 1960s and never stopped!

Finally, pay homage to Benjamin Franklin by watching the sunset from the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Nearby, you’ll find Ben & his wife’s final resting places, where visitors are known to lay penny’s on top of the graves.



Written By: Abby Ebb (Travel Secrets VIPs Official Intern) 

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