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New Orleans Weekend Getaway

New Orleans Weekend Getaway

Jazz Music. Mardi Gras. Ghosts. Gumbo.

New Orleans is infamous for a variety of things, all individually worth taking a trip down south!

This fantastic melting pot of French, Spanish, Caribbean, and West African culture makes New Orleans one of the most unique destinations in the US.

While one weekend is certainly not enough time to truly embrace all New Orleans has to offer, here are a couple tips and tricks to follow when visiting.  

Where to Stay:

The French Quarter is by far the most iconic, and the most haunted, area of New Orleans.

This also makes the region the most expensive, so it’s hard to find a budget friendly hotel that still holds value.

The Hotel Provincial is located in the center of the French Quarter, making it a short walk to all the tourism activities.

The spacious rooms and boutique-styled décor makes Hotel Provincial a very photogenic historic mansion, accompanied by the most beautiful courtyard.

As a bonus, the hotel is also one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans!

Places to Eat:

New Orleans is a foodie city, and the rich history and culture are reflected in its unique and delicious food.

Some must-try foods while visiting are gumbo, crawfish, and po-boy.

New Orleans is known for its gumbo, and Pascal’s Manale understands how to make the classics.

At 105 years old, this family owned restaurant is rated one of the best eateries in the French Quarter!

For a more casual dining experience, check out Cafe De Monde, where customers line up for hours to try one of their beignets!

Things to do:

The French Quarter is full of rich history, stories, legends and secrets!

Take a self-guided walking tour to emerge yourself in the culture of New Orleans.

If followed correctly, the tour should take up around 2 hours of your time.

During the walk, you’ll find each street lined with beautiful architecture, shops, restaurants, and bars to check out at your leisure.

After your walk, check out the many infamous museums in the area, like the Museum of Death and the Voodoo Museum.

These highly visited attractions are popular with those interested in the macabre.

If true crime, serial killers, or horror movies are your jam, these are the activities for you!

Tickets are only $7 each in both locations.

When people think of New Orleans, the first two things that come to mind are likely jazz music and Bourbon Street.

Take a trip to Preservation Hall, where nightly acoustic jazz concerts are held by some of the best musicians in the city.

Before you leave New Orleans, you must visit the exquisite Garden District.

A short walk from historical downtown, the Garden District features tree-lined streets lined with rows and rows of antebellum mansions.

You’ll feel like a movie star, since many Hollywood films are set here!


Written By: Abby Ebb (Travel Secrets VIPs Official Intern)

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