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The Lazy Person's Way to See Austin TX

The Lazy Person's Way to See Austin TX

From colorful city art, live music, and incredible bbq, Austin, Texas is one of the most beloved cities in the USA.

 The fun-filled city has a unique vibe that coined the infamous phrase “keep Austin weird.” 

How to Spend a Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia

Are You Up For An Atlanta Trip?

Atlanta, Georgia has been called everything from the "capital of the new South" and "the next international city" to "the best place to do business." With the world’s busiest airport, the city is bursting with diversity and full of art, music, and significant national history. 

Who Else Wants A Louisville Weekend?

Who Else Wants A Louisville Weekend?

Home of the beloved Kentucky Derby, infamous baseball sluggers, and plenty of bourbon, Louisville Kentucky is a city full of surprises.

It’s actually one of the largest cities in the United States! 
A Weekend in Boston

How to Do A Boston Weekend Like A Boss

Boston, Massachusetts is the heart of New England. 

With a population of over 7 million people, it’s a bustling city with a little something for everyone. 

Famous for its chowder, accent, and champion sporting teams, Boston is a fantastic place to visit at any time of the year!
A Day in Daytona

A Day In Daytona Beach

From impeccable white-sand beaches to adrenaline pumping activities, there’s something to be found for everyone in Daytona Beach, Florida.

A year-round sunny destination, Daytona is home to beautiful landscapes as well as rich culture and electrifying motor races!
New Orleans Weekend Getaway

New Orleans Weekend Getaway

Jazz Music. Mardi Gras. Ghosts. Gumbo.

New Orleans is infamous for a variety of things, all individually worth taking a trip down south!