Our Story

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

As a suicidal teenager, Corey was a lost, depressed young man who wanted to take his own life. After years of struggle to "find himself", he finally realized that most of his positive energy and happiness came simply from just being nice to other people. 


He's since started Travel Secrets VIPs, a private 15,000+ member Facebook group with the mission of creating the largest group of positive people on the planet who love to travel. Corey prides himself on fostering an online community WITHOUT all the negative drama and hatred on social media nowadays. 


Corey lives to inspire others to feel more positive so they take action and go after what they want. An avid believer in the Law of Attraction and "what you give out is what you get back", the reason he created this brand is to find new way for all of us to create more good in the universe with others who believe in spreading the good word of positivity in a world that needs it more than ever right now. 🌎❤️


Much Love 🙏,


Corey Richard (aka @PositiveCorey)

Creator, Travel Secrets VIPs